Thursday, 18 February 2016

Tailored Clothes - The Secret Of A Smartly Dressed Woman

Many women complain that the ready-to-wear often isn't ready to wear. Any garment no matter how expensive it is, can be spoiled due to bad fitting, loose shoulders, bulging waist bands etc. And, this fitting problem increases as you age.

But, investing in a good tailored suit might be the perfect solution. Tailoring is preferred if you want a proper fitting in garments. This is why it is recommended to spend money on tailored suits that fit you like a glove.

When it comes to tailored suits, many women are confused about what type they should get or its design or shape. But worry not. When you live in fashion center like New York City, you get  plenty of good options when it comes to tailoring for women in NYC. Professional tailors can ease your worries with their advice regarding a suit’s shape, design and more.

And, if you are still mulling over whether or not you should get a tailored suit, then here are some convincing reasons to go for it.

  • It is really inconvenient to visit 20 different stores to buy just one suit. But in custom attire, you get the option for directly visiting a tailor and discussing the details like your measurements, fabric you want etc. The time and effort you spent for this option will surely be comparatively less.

  • Custom made clothing is better than ready to wear garments. In custom suits, everything will be your choice including the type of fabric, the design, and buttons. You can definitely feel the difference in quality of both options.    

  • You can also personalize your clothing in a variety of ways. All you have to do is, tell your tailor your preferences in design and your expectations.

If you have never tried a custom made suit before, then you would find the readymade garment better. But once you get a custom suit, you will get hooked on tailored clothing.

Get the perfect suit for your body shape and your clothes modernized by an expert tailor.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Many Benefits of Custom Clothing

Everyone wants to dress beautifully. Even a little effort to wear stylish clothes and following some basic rules of colour coordination can result in a significant increase in one’s style quotient. And, in a fashion conscious city like New York, upping your style quotient can yield benefits in both the professional and personal aspects of life.

However, people can achieve greater positive outcomes if they rely on custom tailoring rather than readymade garments. Custom tailoring offers many advantages like a perfect fit in the fabric and design of your choice.

However the main task is to carefully select the right tailor in New York. Not only among men, but custom women’s clothing is becoming equally popular in New York.

Here are some points that describe the benefits of custom tailoring.

    An expert helps to get everything just right- As you will be working with    experienced and trained tailors, you can be sure about getting everything right and according to your preference. You will get the clothes tailored exactly according to your requirement, measurement, and choice, which is not possible, if you buy it from any shop.    
  •     Increased personalization-     Custom tailoring means increased personalization i.e. from     fabrics, to colors, to designs and patterns, everything will be according to your preference. Whether you want cut sleeves or full sleeves, a custom tailor will provide you clothes according to your instructions.    
  •     Custom clothing is more comfortable- Because of the precise measurements and fittings, custom clothes tend to be more comfortable as compared to others.    
  •     It lasts longer- With custom clothing, you get better fabrics, better materials and so on which means that the clothes will last longer as compared to the ready-made clothes. In addition, the custom tailor is usually well trained in little adjustments and repairs that will be needed over the time. The custom tailored clothes might cost more but it generally avoids the expenses of replacement, repair etc.

However, makes sure to contact a well-trained and experienced tailor who can provide you quality service.

Friday, 5 February 2016

5 Tips to Find the Perfect Tailor

Looking for a tailor who can create clothing that complements your style? The most important aspect of style is the fitting of your garment.

If the standard size of ready made clothing does not fit you, then tailor made clothing is what you need. A tailor can do for you what the many big brands of ready made clothing manufacturers can’t - create clothes that fit you perfectly.

Once you get your garments tailored, you will feel and infusion of confidence that can only come from being completely comfortable in one’s own skin and clothes.

But finding a good tailor is easier said than done. You may have an easier time of it if you live in New York, the fashion capital of the country. New York tailoring produces some of the most fashionable and remarkable clothing in the world.

But it is a big city. So, to make the task of finding the right tailor in NYC easy, here are some tips that you can follow:
  1. Google it: The internet one of the best ways to find a clothing tailor. Just search for the best tailor in your city. Make sure they are close to your home so that you do not have difficulty in repetitive alterations if required.
  2. Ask for referrals: If you like the attire of someone in your circle try asking them where they get their clothes made. You may end up with a useful referral.

  1. Look for tailors who advertise their specialization: Some of the tailors specialize in making tuxedos, while others in some other type of dress and so on. Your search should depend on the specialization you want.
  2. Find tailors with high ratings in your city: Search local review websites for tailors. This will help you know the reviews and their ratings.
  3. Enquire from a high end clothing store: You can enquire from the clothing store as to where they send their clients for tailoring. They will provide you with the required information. They have associations with tailors and have to maintain their reputation. So, they will suggest you the best of best.

If you find a good tailor, check their past work before booking them for your work. You can try with a simple piece like a shirt to check his skills and quality of work.The skilled tailor will help you realize your vision of the perfect custom fit.