Friday, 22 January 2016

How To Select Right Custom Tailored Shirts?

Finding the right shirt is not just about the visual appeal. It should also have a perfect balance of material, design, colour, and fit.

These days, men mostly prefer custom made shirts due to their durability and flawless fit. Moreover, one can create one’s own style and design by choosing from various types of collars, pockets, and fabric material.

New York, being the fashion capital of the country is home to some of the best apparel designers and tailors. But no matter how good a tailor is, you will still need to provide clear instructions about what you want so that they can make it for you.

Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect shirt you need to have a proper plan to start with.

  • Getting measured properly- This is the first step that you need consider if you are looking for a perfect custom made shirt. Ask your tailors in NYC, who offer custom tailoring In NYC to measure you for fit, precisely and accurately. The foremost advantage of getting custom made shirts is     that you get the perfect fit as the shirts are made according to the specifications of every individual.    
  • Color and style- Make sure to pay special attention to the color and style of the shirts.     If you want office wear, then the color should be entirely different from the formal wear shirts. For example, office wear shirts are usually light colored and plain. These shirts rarely display any print or pattern.    

  • Check the fitting- The shirt should fit well on your body so that you do not face any     difficulty while moving your arms. Collars, wrists, and arms of the custom tailored shirts should be closely examined.    

Therefore, you need to keep all the aforementioned details in mind while shopping for custom tailored shirts of your choice.

But make sure to entrust the task of making you the perfect shirt to experienced professionals only. A good tailor can work wonders while stitching for all body types.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Why You Should Get a Custom Tailored Suit

Planning to attend a party or a business meeting? Looking for a high quality elegant suit? A custom tailored suit will give you a different look and will set you apart from the rest.

You can buy a tailor made suit that fits you well at a good price. In NYC, the fashion capital of the western hemisphere, people prefer getting a suit tailored than buying off the rack. Thus, the idea of custom tailored suit in NYC is becoming increasingly popular.

There are some practical reasons as to why you should get a custom suit tailored for yourself:

•    More convenience: It is more convenient to get the fabric and visit a tailor than to visit 20 stores in search of the right suit. It is more time saving to get a suit tailored than to get a ready-made one.

•    Custom clothing is made with individual attention: There is a difference in the level of quality of custom made and readymade. The readymade suits are made through machines on an assembly line, whereas each custom-made suit will be overseen by a real live person.

You can pick the best fabric of your choice and make use canvas for your suit. Canvas is a separate material that runs through the interior of tailored suit and it helps molding the suit to your body shape. It will also keep your suit wrinkle-free!

•    You will get a good fitted suit: The readymade suits will fit just fine but a tailored suit will not only fit perfectly, it will also highlight your best features. Tailors can do this because they design the suit specifically for your body.

•    It can be personalized in any number of ways: Readymade suits are limited to particular styles that are currently popular. The exquisiteness of a tailored suit is that you can add personal style to make your suit look genuine and unique. You have to just ask your tailor to add those specific types of buttons or pockets you want.

Once you have tried on custom made suits, you will find that it is hard to return back to the readymade ones!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Is a Custom Suit Better Than a Ready Made Suit?

Who doesn’t want a perfect suit made from scratch? It is a challenge for both men and women, to find a suit that fits well, suits their personal style and of course is within the budget.

You may not find all your  requirements in a readymade suit,  it is better  to get a suit tailored for yourself. So, look for someone who will tailor a suit for you flawlessly and on your schedule.

Here are some more reasons why you should get a custom suit:

  1. A tailor will take your exact measurements to make sure that it fits your body properly.
  1. If you are buying a readymade suit you will need to get it altered so that it fits comfortably. But even after alteration, it still might not be perfect.
  1. You can show the design of the suit you want and the tailor will make it for you exactly the way you want.
  1. You can choose your type of fabric and linings while looking for the material for the suit.
  1. In the fashion store only those articles are placed which are in trend and they may not satisfy your search. That means if you want something a bit different they won't be able to help. You can get your style of suit tailored and get the desired suit.
  1. Readymade suits are overpriced because they have to go through multiple markdowns before they are sold. Custom suits can be available at relatively lower price.

For better comfort, a made-to-measure suit is a great idea.You will get your desired style of taste in a custom suit.

There are plenty of tailors available for custom suits in New York, you can look for the best one to get your style of suit tailored.