Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Why You Should Get a Custom Tailored Suit

Planning to attend a party or a business meeting? Looking for a high quality elegant suit? A custom tailored suit will give you a different look and will set you apart from the rest.

You can buy a tailor made suit that fits you well at a good price. In NYC, the fashion capital of the western hemisphere, people prefer getting a suit tailored than buying off the rack. Thus, the idea of custom tailored suit in NYC is becoming increasingly popular.

There are some practical reasons as to why you should get a custom suit tailored for yourself:

•    More convenience: It is more convenient to get the fabric and visit a tailor than to visit 20 stores in search of the right suit. It is more time saving to get a suit tailored than to get a ready-made one.

•    Custom clothing is made with individual attention: There is a difference in the level of quality of custom made and readymade. The readymade suits are made through machines on an assembly line, whereas each custom-made suit will be overseen by a real live person.

You can pick the best fabric of your choice and make use canvas for your suit. Canvas is a separate material that runs through the interior of tailored suit and it helps molding the suit to your body shape. It will also keep your suit wrinkle-free!

•    You will get a good fitted suit: The readymade suits will fit just fine but a tailored suit will not only fit perfectly, it will also highlight your best features. Tailors can do this because they design the suit specifically for your body.

•    It can be personalized in any number of ways: Readymade suits are limited to particular styles that are currently popular. The exquisiteness of a tailored suit is that you can add personal style to make your suit look genuine and unique. You have to just ask your tailor to add those specific types of buttons or pockets you want.

Once you have tried on custom made suits, you will find that it is hard to return back to the readymade ones!

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